Arc Magazine


    Scavengers (2015)


Ascent Aspirations:


    Lazy Smoke (2013)


The Cascadia Review


    Song of the Wild Strawberry (2015)

    The Beaty Biodiversity Museum (2015)


Cicada Magazine:


    The Pragmatist (2012)

    The Bull (2013)


The Claremont Review:


    Beautiful Portrait (2013)

    The City's Crooked Lines (2014)

    The Gig (2014)

    The Language of Anatoly (2014)

    I Will Find You (2014)


Event Magazine:


    Once more, with feeling (2017)




    Nova (2015)


Freefall Magazine:


    Cow Skinner's Son (2018)


leMook Magazine:


    Manufactured Tyger (runner up in the 2016 leMook Creative    

    Writing Contest) (2016)




    A Broken System (cowriter) (2016)




    The Kingdom (2016)

    Maybe kibble saved somebody's life (2017)


Prairie Fire:


   Burying Roots (2015)

   At All Costs (coming 2017)

   East-Van Petrichor (coming 2017)


Vallum Magazine:


    You Always Get To Keep The Gun (2014)

   Ballad of the Gambler's Shadow (2014)

    Pterygota (2015)




Arc Magazine Online


    Welcome to the Cosmos (2014)

    Scavengers (2015)


Vallum Magazine spoken word page:


    Ballad of the Gambler's Shadow (2014)

    Pterygota (2015)


Ascent Aspirations online spoken word page:


    Poem for Public Education (2013)


Poets Asking For Exile DVD:


    Poem for Public Education (2011)


2014 Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam Champion


2014 National Youth Underground Slam Champion


2017 Freefall Magazine Canada 150 Prize


2017 Avie Bennet Emerging Writer Scholarship


2018 EJ Pratt Medal in PoetryDouble click to insert body text here ...